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Tools & Tuning

Toko Ski Vise Express
Simple fixation device for all types of alpine skis. The ski can be fixed flat, vertically sideways and obliquely sideways. The high-grip rubber pads prevent the skis from slipping. Thanks to their light weight, they are well suited for travelling. Including 2 ski stopper holders.
Toko T8 800W 110V US
Ergonomic Waxiron enables easy waxing in all directions. - Precise temperature adjustment from 100 °C to 160 °C. - The extra-strong aluminum pressure cast plate for ideal heat storage has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.
Toko Prisma Straight Edge
Hairline ruler made from 4mm thick steel, for checking the flatness of ski bases and the edge angle.
Toko X-Cold Powder 50G
Very hard HydroCarbon powder wax to use as an additive in cold/ aggressive snow conditions. - With X-Cold Powder/ each wax becomes harder and more friction resistant - Powder form for easy ironing - For extremely cold/ dry snow conditions - Biodegradable
Toko Express Racing Rub-On Wax 40g
Performance racing rub-on wax for all snow types and conditions, fluoro free.
Toko Base Performance Hot Wax
$19.99 - $24.99
Very soft special wax with low melting point. Ideal for base cleaning and use as basic care of new skis - Penetrates very deep into the base - Biodegradable - Resealable wax case - Base cleaning: Wax the base and remove again while the wax is still warm. Snow temperature recommendations: - Yellow 32F to 21F - Red 25F to 10F - Blue 14F to -22F
Toko Express Grip & Glide
Universal liquid wax for cross-country skis/ especially also suited for skis with a mechanical climbing system (fish-scale skis). For all kinds of snow and temperatures. - Based on natural raw materials - Biodegradable - Improves sliding properties and cares for the base - Quick and easy to apply - With sponge applicator and integrated polishing felt - Comfortable pocket size to go and wax en route No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally). - Comes in 100 and 200ml sizes.  100ml size comes with polishing pad. No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally).
Toko Edge Angle Pro Clamp
For fitting files to the edge tuning tools: Side Angle World Cup (Edge Tuning Angle Pro) and Base Angle World Cup (Precision Base File Control).
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