The Free Flight Experience

Free Flight is committed to providing You with the best possible Cycling, Skiing, and Fitness experience. All of our efforts and products are provided with this in mind. We make these commitments to you:

We are a team.

Everyone that works at Free Flight is part of a team and has a significant contribution to make to our team. At any time, customers can ask any of our team members for assistance.

We value our customers.

Our customers are the reason for everything we do. All of our customers deserve to be provided with the best service possible.

We do quality work.

Every repair that we do, as well as every new bike we assemble, or skis we tune, will be treated as if it were our own equipment.

We sell quality products.

If you find it at Free Flight, chances are, someone on our team uses it. We only carry products we have complete faith in, and are willing to use ourselves.

We participate.

We gain a tremendous amount of product knowledge and understanding of our customers needs by participating, whether its recreational or racing. We feel this is the only way to stay in touch with the people who support us.

We are committed to excellence.

We provide all of our customers with a service policy on new bikes, and a warranty on all products sold by us. If there is ever a problem with a product or service provided at Free Flight, we will correct the situation in the most convenient way possible for our customers.

Everyone at Free Flight strives to live by these principles. When they are met, our Customers realize the best possible service, and that is our ultimate goal. 

Brian Walsh