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Cross Country Classic Skis

Rossignol EVO XC 59 NIS AR Touring Ski
The Evo XC 59 is an easy-to-use, wax-less touring ski designed for recreational skiers and active winter enthusiasts. The wax-less AR Plus base provides the best compromise between kick and glide in all snow conditions. Smaller sizing increases maneuverability and control for easier up-hills, safer down-hills and increased predictability in the flats. Built with a sturdy Wood Air core, the Evo XC is an easy-to-use, durable and lightweight companion for off and on-trail exploring. NIS Compatible.
Rossignol Evo Glade 59AR Cut IFP/Tour Step In
$137.99 $229.99 40% Off
Explore beyond the trail. The Evo Glade 59 AR ski offers beginner skiers a user-friendly, waxless design for exploring winter. The ski's shorter length and wide dimensions enhance stability and maneuverability to explore off trail. The waxless AR Plus base offers a good blend of grip and glide with no prep required. The included Tour Step-In bindings add to the ease of use with step-in convenience. Easy Kick and Glide - Waxless AR PLUS base features negative (cut) kick surface for the perfect blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions Maneuverability, Control - Our short size concept increases maneuverability, control, and ease-of-use Light and Durable - Wood air core offers durable off-trail performance with air channels for reduced weight
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