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Custom Boot Fitting

Achieve total comfort and peak performance with customized insoles and liners.

Free Flight offers full boot customization services. Customize boots help active feet feel more comfortable and perform better. Using BootDoc technology, we can fit new or old boots and give them a new life.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Analyze

Using the top analysis systems from Boot Doc, we'll determine foot type, length, width and other data connected to your foot.

2. Select the Best Product

Once learning more about your foot, we'll help you chose the right insole and liner that will provide the right comfort and support for your sport.

3. Customize to Your Foot

Time to make your boots perfect! All of our products are thermally adaptable so they can be 100% molded and adapted for your foot shape and problem areas you might be having.

See store for pricing and servicing options