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Cross Country Skate Skis

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Explore winter. The Evo XT 55 Positrack ski offers entry-level skiers a user-friendly, waxless design for enjoying winter trails. The ski's shorter length enhances maneuverability and control for increased confidence, while our waxless cut base offers a good blend of grip and glide with no prep required. The included Tour Step-In bindings add to the ease of use with step-in convenience. Easy Kick and Glide Waxless AR PLUS base features a negative (cut) kick surface for the perfect blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions Maneuverability, Control Our short size concept increases maneuverability, control, and ease-of-use Light and Durable Wood air core offers durable off-trail performance with air channels for reduced weight - Sidecuts dimensions: 55/48/52 - construction: Activ'cap, Extended edges,Tail protector - Core: Lite density core - Base tuning: Positrack - Plate: IFP Technologies: LDC CORE - Lighter structure. POSITRAK WAXLESS SYSTEM - Waxless system thermoformed in the thickness of the sole. Thanks to its geometry in the shape of a scale, it brings great efficiency and ease in classical technique.
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