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Rossignol EVO XC 59 NIS AR Touring Ski
The Evo XC 59 is an easy-to-use, wax-less touring ski designed for recreational skiers and active winter enthusiasts. The wax-less AR Plus base provides the best compromise between kick and glide in all snow conditions. Smaller sizing increases maneuverability and control for easier up-hills, safer down-hills and increased predictability in the flats. Built with a sturdy Wood Air core, the Evo XC is an easy-to-use, durable and lightweight companion for off and on-trail exploring. NIS Compatible.
Line Skis Gizmo
$139.00 $249.95 44% Off
The Gizmo is designed to be the perfect durable, lightweight kids ski. The great look, and tough construction is the ideal match for young skiers looking to progress at the speed of light!
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