MirraCo 2007 Bike/Fork Recall

MirraCo is racalling the following 2007 bikes due to improper welding in the fork: Blend 3, Blend 2, Blend 1, Blend 1s, Blend 16, Black Pearl 3, Black Pearl 2, Black Pearl 1, Fivestar Park, Icon Moto, Icon 20Forty. If your bike is part of this recall, you should immediately stop riding it. If the fork breaks you could be involved in a serious accident. The welders of these forks left out filler wire in the welding process and this means the fork is not as strong as it should be. It is very difficult to see the defect, so please do not try to assess the fork yourself.

If you own one of the models shown below, please bring it to us and we will inspect it and replace your fork if it's defective free of charge. You may contact us for details and to set up an appointment if you like. Or, you can call MirraCo at 1-888-431-7653


2007 Blend 3

2007 Blend 2


2007 Blend 1 & 1s (Deep Blue)


2007 Blend 16

2007 Black Pearl 3


 2007 Black Pearl 2


2007 Black Pearl 1


2007 Fivestar Park


2007 Icon Moto


2007 Icon 20Forty